2022 Contact Details Form

2022 Contact Details Form

This information enables CSPQ and your Arch/Diocesan P&F Council to provide you with up-to-date information on issues and events, and seek your feedback on matters that effect education at your local Catholic school. Please ensure a different/unique email address is entered for each contact name so we can communicate with you.

2022 P&F President or Chair

2022 P&F Vice President or Vice Chair

2022 P&F Secretary

2022 P&F Treasurer

2022 Arch/Diocesan Council Representatives

(Each of the five dioceses in Queensland has a Diocesan P&F Council and every school association in the diocese is eligible to have two delegates on the Diocesan Council)

If you have indicated yes, our office will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

Or download a Contact details form here:

2022 P&F Contact Form-interactive.pdf

We also regularly share information & updates through a range of different communication channels. 

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