Vision & Mission

There are four staff members at the Secretariat.  The Executive Director is Carmel Nash,  Executive Officers are Bernadette Kreutzer and Charmaine Stevens who are all willing to assist parents/carers and school authorities at any time. 

We all have a special interest in ensuring that P & F associations operate effectively and meet the needs of your local community. Carmel, Bernadette and Charmaine are available to attend your P & F meeting and/or to conduct workshops on the operation of the local P&F associations, on the roles and responsibilities of office bearers as well as on other contemporary education and pastoral issues. Our contact details are below.

Carmel Nash

Mrs Carmel Nash OAM
Executive Director
Ph 07 3905 9735 | M 0421 633 915


Bern K

Mrs Bernadette Kay
Executive Officer
Ph 07 3905 9733 | M 0408 787 076


Mrs Charmaine Stevens
Executive Officer - Graphic Design and Operations
Ph 07 3905 9731 | 0412 252 707



Mrs Oonagh Thonemann
Office Administrator
Ph 07 3905 9730